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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 19:02

DVD Compatibility Issues

Back in 2000 when recordable DVD “burners” first appeared, paper labels were used to identify the contents of the DVD. They were sticky on one side, and you had to carefully align the label onto the DVD surface.

Today, the video slide show or montage has become  increasingly popular: it's a  great way to showcase a birthday, an anniversary, or a family history.  The highlight of a 50th Birthday event can be an opportunity to show family and friends highlights of the birthday boy or girl's life in photos set to music.  With a large screen projector,  40 or more family and friends at the celebration  can now enjoy the show on a big screen.

You may be waking up to the fact that a promotional video for your Rhode Island business would be an excellent marketing tool. Not only could you add it to your company website to give potential clients real insight into what you offer, but in today’s world of social media obsession, a promotional video could be posted on your fan pages to drive traffic back to your Rhode Island website.

So once you have decided that a promotional video is in order, how should you go about hiring the right company?

The engagement ring is shining brightly on your left hand, your parents are full of smiles and you’ve been practicing saying “my fiancé” rather than “my boyfriend” for the past month,  but as you head towards marital bliss there’s a wedding to be planned.  Minimize stress by planning ahead and that includes choosing a reputable video production company for your Rhode Island wedding

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 18:42

Welcome to Gatsby Video Productions

Welcome to our newly designed website. For 18 years we have been providing our clients with a wide-variety of video-taping and duplication services, all from the same location in North Providence, Rhode Island. Our goal with this new website is to introduce you

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 17:39

Convert your video tapes to DVD now

Every year before the holidays, and before the new year, we have clients who begin to realize that the dozens of family videos - captured on now defunct formats such as VHS, VHS-C, and 8 millimeter video- should be transferred to DVD. There is a perception that occurs that if something is not done soon those old family videos will somehow disintegrate, and all the captured memories of birthdays, celebrations, and a child’s first steps will go up in a burst of oxide dust.