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DVD Compatibility Issues

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DVD Compatibility Issues

Back in 2000 when recordable DVD “burners” first appeared, paper labels were used to identify the contents of the DVD. They were sticky on one side, and you had to carefully align the label onto the DVD surface.

Videographers soon discovered that these DVDs with paper labels would sometimes encounter playback issues on DVD players other than the DVD “burner” or player on which they were created. It was thought that these issues were caused by misalignment of the label on the surface of the DVD. The laser was obviously very sensitive and could be thrown off very easily.

It was also thought that the glue caused a chemical reaction with the dyes used to “burn” the data onto the DVD. As DVD technology has evolved over the last 13 years, many of the compatibility issues that once existed have disappeared. If you still have older DVDs with paper labels, be aware they may not play in your current DVD player.

You may wish to consult with a video duplication company to have those old DVDs with paper labels re-copied to a paper-free DVD. Today, video production companies actually print on the DVD surface with specially designed printers that use ink that will not Interact with the dyes used to “burn” the DVD.

I encountered an issue earlier this year with a first generation Blu-ray player. It would not play a couple of recent Blu-ray movies I purchased. The manufacturer in many cases can provide you with firmware upgrades for their players – for a time, but then after newer players are released, no further firmware is available - as it was in my case. I ended up purchasing a new Blu-ray player. In the video business, I have found it important to hold onto older equipment that I can use to duplicate customer DVDs that have playback issues like those with paper label DVDs.

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