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How to Avoid Large-Screen Video Presentation Disasters

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How to Avoid Large-Screen Video Presentation Disasters

Today, the video slide show or montage has become increasingly popular: it's a great way to showcase a birthday, an anniversary, or a family history. The highlight of a 50th Birthday event can be an opportunity to show family and friends highlights of the birthday boy or girl's life in photos set to music. With a large screen projector, 40 or more family and friends at the celebration can now enjoy the show on a big screen.

Back in 1986 if you wanted to show a video to a group of people at a conference, you would need one of those expensive three beam bulky projectors that required two people to lift. Today, projectors with High-Definition capability can weigh less than 10 pounds and be carried in a case slung over your shoulder. Entry-level projectors can be purchased for as little as $400 or 500 dollars from your local office supply store instead of the $ 3500 they cost in 1986.

With all that said, the opportunities for anyone who needs to show a video at a conference or event are easily within reach. Many facilities that cater to conferences and events have their own large screen setup that you can use; and they may even provide you with the personnel you will need to handle the technical aspects if you are not tech savy.

A little planning, however, is extremely important in order for you to avoid the disasters that can be associated with large screen presentations. In addition to creating video slide shows for our clients, GATSBY VIDEO can also provide large screen

service for those who don't want the hassle of worrying about scrambling to get the equipment you need or trying to deal with the facility you've hired where the event will take place.

Let's assume that the facility you've hired has informed you that they can provide you with a projector and a screen. What else will you need? . Before you assume that all you will need is the DVD of the slide show, carefully compile a list of questions for the facility several weeks before the event to insure that if all else falls through, you can hire an outside video company to do the job for you.

Here's what you are going to need:

  1. Video Projector
  2. Screen  (about 8 foot screen: free-standing or pull down)
  3. DVD player (Video hooks up to projector.  Be sure you have the proper connecting cable, usually a "composite" cable (RCA - yellow.) Check your DVD manual and also check to see what type of video cables the projector will accept.
  4. AUDIO:  In order to play and hear the audio on your DVD, hook a set of audio cables (RCA, usually white and black) from the OUT of your DVD player to an amplifer.The amplifer will then be hooked up to your speakers using audio cables and special speaker connectors.
  5. BE SURE to do a "dry run" before your guests arrive.  Check the diagram for examples of equipment and cables.
  6. Call GATSBY VIDEO PRODUCTIONS for all your Projection TV needs (401) 231-6830
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